Friday, October 22, 2010

Books and Me

So this is me with books. Simple enough huh?
Strange Angel and I. Awesome book! Ya'll should totally read!

This is Heinous Crimes, Immoral Minds by Aubrey Becker.  I'm doing this for you Aubrey. If you would like to see what it's about you can find it on for the kindle. It's her first published book, and I think she deserves every bit of what she gets. We been best friends since '02. So please go a support her new book. :)

Now that I finally have the darn book. LOL I can start reading it, but I guess I should finish The Hunger Games first. :)

Yes, I'm currently reading this one. Right now it hasn't kept my interest, but alot of people really seem to like it so I'm trying to finish it. Maybe once I actually get to the games part it will be good. Huh?

So I have read the first 3 stories in the book. I must admit I only bought this because I wanted to read Richelle Mead's take on Lissa's parents. Also maybe to read Alyson Noel story, and Kristin Cast. Needless to say I wasn't impressed with one of them. You can see why when I finish and do the review. Gotta love suspense!

This was an older picture I took with my camera phone (hints the crappy quality) Still had to add it. Loved it! Loved Link!

So what's your take on these books? Have you read them? Do you want too? Let me know I'm a sucker for comments and I'll always comment back whether here or your site. :) Also if you follow I follow!


I love comments! Leave me one, and I will comment back either on here or on yours! So check back!

Happy Reading and Blogging, Ashley

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