Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cabel's Story Review

AUTHOR: Lisa McMann
TYPE: E-book
PUBLISHER: Simon and Schuster

OUTLINE: This is a free online story. Based on the first Dream Catcher novel, Wake, this is Cabel's perspective of the field trip that Janie and he took with their English class.

MY THOUGHTS: So it's kind of a "Midnight Sun thing" except this is only 13 pages long and deals with one little scene in the Wake book. It's told in Cabel's POV which is cool. I actually liked Cabel as a character in the book. I'm all for the bad boys turned softies. It was a good 13 pages to read, and it kind of makes me want a book to be put out in his POV. It made me wonder more about his story with his father and all. I don't know maybe that gets answered in the other Dream Catcher books I have yet to read those. I guess I'll have to find out. I actually enjoy his character better then Janies. It's also nice to have male POV's in books. All in all if you've read the Dream Catcher Series (wake, fade, and gone) then you might find this to be interesting.  Oh also I love his name. I don't know why though it's different I guess. I'm a sucker for odd names.


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