Saturday, October 30, 2010

Electricity or Books?

This is sad, really sad, I'm having to stay at my mom's because my electricty was turned off. Apparently, when they say you have until November 4th to pay or, we'll turn it off what they really mean is we're just going to turn it off whenever the hell we want. It looks like for the time being I'm on a book buying hiatus.  Which sucks because I have Misguided Angel by Melissa De La Cruz to buy for my blue bloods series, and then Night Star in November and Last Sacrifice in December. I'm thinking those might be the only 3 I'll be purchasing (maybe you know I can't say no) Now if only I can say no to Half Price Books I'll be ok I think, but we all know how that pans out. I think I need a little encouragement. :( This is going to be hard for me. It might also help me though it'll give me time to actually read what I have in my TBR list. The only problem is alot of those books are series that I just have the first book. Which means if I read those then I'm going to want to know what happens after that books ends. This is ridiculous why can't bills just go away for awhile, or perhaps I should learn to just manage my money better.

In other news, I was thinking about putting parts of my writing (that my friend and I are doing) up on the site. Actually just my writing and my characters. Her's are on her computer so that I couldn't do. What do you all think? Yes or no? Maybe even just my own writing that I've been working on for quite some time and I still have only 2 pages. I love the storyline and everything. I just can't motivate myself which really bites because I know if I could it would get somewhere. any suggestions?

Anyways until I can get my damn electricity back on I guess I'm stuck here at my mom's which is okay I guess at least I have the internet here. :)


  1. It would be an achievement to get through a to-read pile. I never do it because I'm constantly adding more to the pile quicker than I can read them!

    Sam at Tiny Library

  2. It most definitely would be, and see I'm just like that I add to my pile instead of actually reading them. So here's to hoping I can actually get some kinda reading done now. :)

  3. I'm a new follower from the Friday Follow. I feel for you on the book buying ban. I just put myself on one too. The upside is you get through you get through your TBR pile faster but the downside is your behind on all the new releases you REALLY wanted to have.

    Maybe you could ask for the titles you mentioned in your post for Christmas. Or see if they are available yet in your library system. I don't know where you live but about 90 days from release new releases go into our library system if a library/libraries are going to have it.

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