Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sucks for now

I know I'm behind right now with reviews, and everything I feel bad. I will totally and completely spend tomorrow or today actually reviewing the books I've already had the pleasure of reading which are quite a few. That is after I get some much needed rest. I'm sure I'll be up early though seeing as how I'm spending the night at my moms and she gets up early. I suspect I'll be getting up early too. So the agenda for today
1. Sleep
2. Wake up
3. Possibly take a potty break :)
4. Eat (depending on the time)
5. Computer Check
6. Reviews
7. Read (I'm gonna finish The Hunger Games by the end of the week if not sooner) (also try and finish another I've been "reading" for quite sometime it got pushed to the back burner)
8. Possibly go to Walmart (I told my mom and her boyfriend I'd buy them a Ranger shirt and hat. Because after all Texas Rangers are in the W.S) What now Yankees...Sorry yankee fans!)
9. Computer play
10. Try and write in our story some. (I said try)
11. Review some more (perhaps)
12. Eat (if time is right)
13. Read
14. Possibly go home for awhile
15. Come 10pm go to see Paranormal Activity 2 with my bestest buddy.
16. Then sleep
Humm yes, that's sounds like a day to me. Now whether it 'll stay that way. We sha'll see!

Does your day sound exciting like mine? lol What are you up to on this fine Sunday? Leave me a holler. I shall holler back...on your blog that is...I doubt you'd hear me any other way. :)

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