Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Excited and Supernatural!

First off I wanna say I'm freakin' excited about actually winning something. This is the first time. It kind of made my day well this morning when I read the email because I've actually had a lousy week with the whole electricity thing. Afterlife things! How cool is that? This series was actually one of the first 3 series I read after Vampire Academy and HoN. Anyways, Supernatural...anyone watch it? If so did you see not this past weeks episode but the one before it. It was funny as hell they were making fun of Twilight (I like Twilight but this cracked me up) The title of the episode was "Live Free or Twihard" the beginning of it was an "Edward and Bella moment" then through the whole episode they made cracks at Twilight. Glitter, Pattinson, everything total awesomeness. I did feel sorry for Dean though Sammy just let the Vampire turn him. (All for a good reason though). Oh have ya'll watched Dead Like Me I'm watching the first season now. It cracks me up I love the reapers they're to funny. I'm hyped up right now. Don't know why though it's 2am. Maybe I should go and read some and calm down. Right now I'm reading If I stay so far so good. Also Always a Witch on Netgalley I'm enjoying this one as well. :) Hopefully I can have those done by the end of the week if not sooner.   I believe that is all fo now.

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