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A Work in Progress

While I'm procrastinating on writing my reviews. (I'm working on them.) :) I thought maybe I would put up some of my friends writing. (I guess it's the beginning to our story we started last year.) It's only the first few paragraphs. Let me know what you think.


Racing as fast as I can down the corridor, I follow the screams. Opening the door to room 102, I witness a young blonde haired girl relentlessly struggling to escape from the straps on her hospital bed. “Dr. Castle?” asking as I help fellow nurse, Wendy try to hold the vampire still.

“Her body is trying to reject the serum. If she doesn’t calm down the serum is going to spread to her heart too quickly and kill her.” Dr. Castle answers as he tries to sedate the screaming girl. Her bright blue eyes nervously shoot at each of us hovering over her. Obviously frightened, she desperately tries to free herself. Telling her to calm down is just as unsuccessful. Glancing at Dr. Castle, I can see sweat beads drizzling down his forehead from his shaggy brown hair. His dark green eyes meet with mine and without words, we exchange the same fear. This girl is going to die.

Reed Castle is an intern at S.M.R. Working under Dr. Sizemore, he’s already helped save over 50 people in four short months. I admire him. It’s not hard to be attracted to him either. He’s only 26, two years older than me and has all the qualities of Mr. Perfect. His unruly brown hair goes well with his tan “surfer” body. When he first started at the center, the other nurses and myself wooed over him. Of course, none of us stand a chance with Allison Mercer around. With her perky breasts, size zero body frame, bright blue eyes and straight blonde hair, we immediately lose any shot with Dr. Castle. Greeting him every morning with her perfect smile and squeaky voice, Reed winks at her and gives his devilish crooked smile.

Wendy and I still don’t understand why Allison works here. She should be frolicking in a bikini on a beach while a camera follows her around. Go flirt with some celebrity! Leave our eye candy alone. Allison shouldn’t be a threat to Wendy and me. We’re both lean girls although we’re “healthy” size 8s. Maybe it’s just the jealousy from knowing Reed shows her more attention. It could be that he only likes blondes. Wendy and I both have brown hair, the only difference being Wendy’s is short and straight and mine is long and curly. Maybe Dr. Castle only likes younger girls. Allison is only 19. Wendy is 28 and I am 24. Oh, who cares. He’s still my eye candy.

Dr. Sizemore enters the room and see’s the wild female vampire we barely have under control. “What’s her status Dr. Castle?” Dr. Sizemore asks as his hazel eyes check the monitor.

“She’s crashing. Her body is rejecting the serum and the sedative. We can’t get her to calm down.”
As the young girl’s screams become louder and pierces through my ears. My adrenaline begins pumping and it becomes harder to hold her still. As I watch the two doctors try vigorously to save her, I cant help but want to cry. If she only knew that we are trying to help her, maybe she would settle down. Dr. Sizemore once told me that the process of restoring mortality is excruciatingly painful. I can only imagine the agony this tiny girl is feeling now. She can’t be more than 15.
Suddenly, the vampire stops struggling on the bed. At first thinking the sedation has finally kicked in, I smile but it fades when the monitor flat-lines. I watch as the girl takes her last breath and her eyes close. Unlike the rest of us in the room, Dr. Sizemore is used to seeing the serum turn deadly. As we stand staring at the body, Dr. Sizemore scratches his head through his grey hair and says “Take the body to the incinerator.” before leaving the room. Dr. Castle quickly follows him.

Standing next to the girl’s bed, I take her cold hand into mine. As a single tear runs down my cheek, I close my eyes and say a quiet prayer. Many people believe vampires have no souls and without a soul, they cannot go to heaven. I believe they’re wrong. If vampires have no souls and are truly “dead” then how is it that we can restore their mortality? So staying true to my faith, I say a prayer for every person we fail to save hoping to ensure them a spot in heaven. Like the vamp lovers say, they are still human… they are still God’s creations.

Remember this is just a little bit. :)


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