Sunday, August 28, 2011

Books to Movies

I'm always thrilled to learn that some of my favorite (or not so favorite books) are going to be made into movies/shows/you get the picture. I wanted to be able to help you find the info you need as well. It may not always be up to date, but just a little inside sometime helps. Below I categorized them into sections. Books turned into movies are ones that have actual release dates for the theaters. Possible books to movies are books that I have seen articles that maybe there will be one in the works, or have a way later date set like 2015. Then "Out on DVD" means just that book to movies that have been made and are already out on DVD.
Our Books Turned Movies
If I stay
The Maze Runner
The Fault in Our Stars

Possible Books to Movies

Out on DVD Books to Movies
Hunger Games
Hunger Games Teaser Trailer (from the 2011 VMAS)
Beautiful Creatures
The Mortal Instruments


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