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Book Review: Vegas Dazzle by Pam Langsam

AUTHOR: Pam Langsam
PAGES: 346
SOURCE: From Author
Envision your world being turned upside down in a place that changes your life forever. A place where anything is possible… Where you find a love for only your heart’s desire, your perfect other half, your soul’s mate. Together you are wisped away on an adventure of immaculate love, danger, and intrisity that alters your world forever.
Taylor has been forced to leave behind her life in England when her father takes a job as an executive pilot for one of the largest Hotels & Casinos in fabulous Las Vegas, leaving all that she knows behind. She must start over in a city full of lights that sits in the middle of the desert. There everything is beautiful, exhilarating and very lucrative.  People say Las Vegas is absolutely positively the most exciting place on earth! Being corrupt, getting away with murder and having tons of money seems to be a way of life, and oddly enough accepted. At first Taylor is devastated leaving England, but she is pleasantly surprised when she finds that Las Vegas offers her new dreams that she never knew could exist or even possibly come true.
Meeting the mysterious, attractive Dario Mancini aka prince of the mob, forces her life to take a dangerous, exotic, thrilling turn. Their souls bound together gives them powers beyond the forces of nature altering them forevermore.

But keep in mind everything has its price…

(I'm so freaking speechless right now. I've been wanting to read this book since before it came out in April, and I was able to chat with the author on her FB, and I even got to do an interview over the phone back in April. (My notes are in my document files somewhere. I'm not very organized.) So I totally had high expectations for the book, and let me tell you I was not disappointed with it. I'm going to say this as calmly as I can I want DARIO. Move over Dimitri. No, I would never leave my Russian Guardian, but I now have a new Vegas Mobster. YEA! Okay, so maybe I'm not so speechless. LOL.  I just had to get it out of my system.)

It's weird because I can not for the life of me remember how I came about the book and the author. I feel like a complete idiot. Anyways,you know when you read a book that's set in a specific place it sometimes makes you want to go there. Well this is no exception. I've been to 4 states (Cali, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Texas) in my 25 years (I've been through others, never to visit.) This one is primarily set in Las Vegas which I'm soooo wanting to visit now. Thanks Pam.

When Taylor and her family move to Las Vegas for her dads new job she a little skeptical, but then she literally runs into the boy of her dreams at the hotel her family is staying in. How can that be? They're just dreams right? Nope, they're so much more, and we get to go along for the ride to see just what those dreams and this mysterious guy mean.

I was very fond of all the characters. I loved Taylor. She may have been a little whiny at first, but she soon got over it when she realized how awesome Vegas was. I loved how at first she kept to herself, and she didn't bother with her family (in the plane scenes) then she slowly grew to liking them, and eventually enjoyed her younger sisters company. It's always nice to see families getting along. I enjoyed the new friends that the girls made to because the new friends could have easily been these snotty-spoiled rich girls, but they weren't they even went over and introduced themselves. I think there was one "mean girl" in the whole book. Which of course I wanted to hit. I like when people can just get along. Dario was an awesome guy lead character he was struggling to be him self and be what his family (mostly dad) wanted him to be.Sometimes that's not an easy thing to do. In the end you have to do what makes you happy so yeah. :) I liked one of his friends because he seemed cool with whatever Dario told him, but Mateo was a little bit of an ass. I guess in the mob scene you kind of have to be though. I'm sooo curious about who this other guy is who shows up at the club, and who this woman is that started popping up . So needless to say I'm very much in suspense.

I loved being able to see what they were thinking to each other, and their time together had me on an emotional rollercoaster. I was laughing, upset, everything. I wanted them to be together.

What an ending to...why...why...why. You guys if you haven't heard of the book before now I suggest you go and look it up. (It's has a giveaway going on at goodreads to. :) ) I mean VEGAS, THE MOB, SOULMATES (the concept may seem overdone but I found it so intriguing I actual went and looked it up on google. No joke.)  -still can't get over loving it-

So I'm pretty sure this review is long enough, and I know I had a hard time writing it. It always seems like the more I like a book the harder it is to say exactly why. :)

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