Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mini Challenge at Princess Bookie: Collections

As I was blog stalking...errr looking at blogs I came across this post Collections and figured I'd do it because heaven forbid I've been known to collect things. 

When I was younger I use to love collecting My Little Ponies. (not the ones that are made today those are ugly compared to what I use to have.) My cousins and I would always play with them. We'd make families, and it was awesome. You'd have the big regular size ones, the baby ponies, and then the minis. So I went to look up some pictures, and I actually found some that I use to have.
I absolutely adored those for the longest time, and now that I think about it I'm not sure why I got rid of them. It's kind of sad. 

Then when the Beanie Baby craze started I collected those. I mean I literally had 100's of them I actually still have quite a bit of them in totes, and my most favorite ones I have sitting on my bookshelves. My dachshund and my cat ones.

Then I moved on to leopard stuff. Anything cat/leopard/tiger I bought. purses, gadgets, bed spread, and more. I was crazy about that print for some reason.

At this point in time I don't have any one thing. (Unless you count my books) I've noticed I like hanging up posters more and more.

So that's pretty much what I collect or collected at one point. (OH, did I mention I collect the state quarters. I don't know why.)


  1. I totally loved My Little Pony when I was growing up. I had tons of Barbie and Strawberry Shortcake Stuff too! Oooo and Rainbow Brite!

  2. Lol..I had tons of barbies as well. I don't think I was much into Strawberry shortcake and or rainbow brite.

  3. I had a few my little ponies when I was growing up but I have to admit I'm not a big collector of things. Unless you count books of course!

  4. Wow I used to collect MLP when I was young. I wish I still had them because my daughter loves them. Great post!

    Why not check out my collection?

  5. The pink one with the green/teal hair. That one with in my bucket of favorite toys. I had random everything in it. Packed and ready for any type of trip we would go one. Even if it was to the grocery store which was 30 min away.

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    They are quite lonely :(

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