Monday, September 19, 2011

Random: My Attention is focused elsewhere

My Weekly/monthly random babbling. :) You can totally skip if you want. It really isn't exciting.

Ya know I haven't done a random post in awhile. Actually, I haven't done a whole hell of lot of any posting lately (except for my usual IMM and Friday ones) I have quite a few reviews in process that I haven't finished. I've been reading on/off all week, but I will say that Vegas Dazzle has my full attention. I knew back in April when I read the first 2 chapters online that I would like it because it's my type, but I'm loving it. Once I finish it that means I can try and put up the interview I had with the author. (if I can find it in my mess of documents) I can also do the giveaway I keep saying I will do for it. Who wouldn't want a pretty signed copy? (I'm not sure about international though.)

PhotobucketMy attention has been focused on my other sites for some reason. I think I'm in a creating mood rather then reading right now. So I'm finishing up my newest one which is mainly for my pleasure I guess it's called Ready, Get Set...I've read that which is pretty much a list of books I've read the past few years separated into genres I put them in. :) Nothing special or fancy about it. ( I do like the layout.)

Then I learned today a friend that has been in California that past 2 years will be moving back here in 3 weeks. I'm excited. I'm losing one friend to Virgina at the end of October, and another one coming back from Cali.

Have I ever mentioned I really,REALLY hate shopping for clothes, specifically dresses. You go and try them on, and if it's not right or it looks bad then that tends to bring my self esteem down.Then I just feel bad the rest of the day. Why bother going? Because I have to find a dress for my moms wedding (not a fancy wedding just a small one) I think I tried on 4 or 5 and finally just told my mom to pick. I took a few pictures before my camera decided to go nuts on me and not work until I charged it at home. So the first two are when I was at the store. (don't ask why I had my camera it's a habit to take it with me places.) I tried on 2 others after those. The third one(pic) is the one I ended up getting. As you can see from the background change. That would have been fun to play guess the dress I picked, and given away a book. I'm in like a giveaway mood. So, why did I reject the first two. The 1st was to frilly for my taste, although my mom liked that one I think. The second was purple and I actually liked it, but it didn't fit me right. So the last one it was. It's actually black and gray. (I told her I felt like I was gonna go to a funeral. She laughed at me.) and it has a flower on the sleeve which you can't see because of my arm.

Then afterwards I went to the bookstore. Guess what? I bought one book. That's like really, amazingly awesome for me to buy ONLY one.

That is all. 


  1. I personally like the one with all the frills but that's just my taste :) I agree with you about clothes shopping and how it can make you doubt yourself when everything you try on looks weird. I somehow still end up doing it a fair bit! I'm shocked you only went and bought one book too! Book shopping is your eqivelant to clothes shopping. Speaking of which, Raw Blue is on it's way to me which means it's almost on it's way to you!

  2. I've never been much of a girly girl. Lol, Yes..yes it is my equivalent to clothes shopping. I actually didn't find to much when I went to the BS. It would probably help if I spaced out when I go, but we were over in the area so I couldn't say no. My mom always gets suckered into buying something to of course hers is a I love lucy obsession everytime we go she finds a new ILL poster. -jumps up and down- yea! I will be reading it the day I get it. Did I mention that you're awesome!

  3. I'm not a super girly girl. Not about myself anyway, but I seriously love watching things like Gossip Girl and Sex and the City. Dunno why. Seems a bit strange now! I always have to resist when I walk past a bookstore as well. I keep reminding myself of all the great books I've got at home, just sitting there unread. You know I've never actually seen an episode of ILL. I think it's more an American thing. I don't get why it takes so long for books to come!

  4. I like sex and the city. I love the movies and watching the tv shows. I need to start trying to watch gossip girl.

    I can't resist no matter what I do.

    I learn more and more about Australians everyday. I have to admit it is a funny show. I've gotten in the habit of where I'll buy her a lucy doll for xmas every year.

    That's why I love Amazon and their 2 days free shipping.


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