Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I want to re-read

This is Top Ten Tuesday hosted at The Broke and the Bookish.

  1. The Vampire Academy Books- I know, I know I've read them multiple times already. Actually I think I've re-read the first 4 quite a few time, but 5 and 6 I've read only once. -gasp- What's wrong with me?
  2. Bloodlines- I just read when it came out, yet I would love to read it again. Maybe come closer to time for the second book.
  3. Evernight and Stargazer- The first two books in the Evernight series because I recently just got the last two books, and I read the first two back when they first came out in 2008 so I've kind of forgotten what happened, and I need a refresher for the last two.
  4. Shiver- Pretty much the same reason as above. I just got linger and forever, and need a bit of a refresher as to what the story is like. 2009 was awhile back. I can't remember what happened a few days ago much less 2 years ago.  
  5. Nevermore- I absolutely loved the book, and it's characters. Plus, the second one is coming out is it next year or 2013?
  6. Harry Potter- Yeah, I know it's one that will be on every list just about, but honestly I'm not sure if I've ever re-read these or not, but it would be nice to step back into Hogwarts for awhile.
  7. Radiance- I see a pattern here. Most the books I want to re-read either have all the books out, and I'm just now getting them or I need to finish the series up. I have Shimmer, and Dreamland I'll be getting soon. So now is the perfect time to re-read Radiance since it's such a small book. :)
  8. Vegas Dazzle- I actually just finished this one not to long ago. I'm still trying to figure out my review. Yeah it's taking me a bit. I absolutely loved it. I would re-read it just for Dario. :) The thing is I'm not sure many people know about this book. So I want to let people know it's out there. I'll actually have a giveaway sometime on here for a signed copy of it. Then I've thought about buying another copy, and doing some kind of blog tour. -shrugs- We shall see.
  9. House of night books- I haven't read the latest one that's out (I have it though) I think for the fact that I'm not sure what's going on with the story, but I really did enjoy the first few books in this series before it became like a soap opera for books. So I wouldn't mind re-reading those first few.
  10. The Deep end of the ocean- I read this one way before I started reading YA books, or actually enjoyed reading. I read it because a friend said it was good (and I watched the movie), and it was one of those books that kind of tugs at your heart. A little boy is kidnapped from his family and after 9 years (I think) is reunited with them when he's a teenager. Just the things the family goes through to finding him, and making him comfortable with a family he had forgotten. Really good.


  1. You lost me at HON books!! Everything else is a thumbs up :)

  2. Lol, How'd I know that was coming? I really did enjoy the first few books.

  3. Lots of great books in here! I almost put Vampire Academy on my list, but I literally just finished reading them and Bloodlines! :] I recently got my own copy of Shiver (I borrowed it from the library before) and I've been wanting to pick it up again!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!!! :)

    My Top 10 Tuesday

  4. Ahh I totally forgot to put Nevermore on my list. That book is insanely good and the sequel comes out in 2012! I'd be so depressed if it was 2013, but that would just give me more time to reread Nevermore =) Very excited to see whats coming next for Isobel and Varen.

    My Top Ten Tuesday
    Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

  5. Potter seems to be an overall favorite today. It didn't make my list. :-( But I would love to read Shiver, heard and read great things about it.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Here's Mine:
    My Top Ten Tuesday

  6. You have a few I have not heard of. I might check out that Vegas novel since its one of my favorite places to visit.
    Love that header!!!


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