Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Covers revealed: Love them all

Alright, I've been a little behind on posting the newer book covers that have been floating around so I apologize some of these are a few months old, but I think I'm caught up now. I have to admit I love pretty much every one of these covers. To learn what series they belong to just hover over the picture. :) Along with that I added my own little thoughts.


  1. I have yet to read the first of any of these, but have been looking forward to Divergent A LOT. I didn't realize that Anna Dressed in Blood was a series, but I have also been thinking about getting that one. Based on these covers I also want to read social suicide and timepiece now too, so I guess I will have to look into their predecessors! Thanks for this, it's great :)

  2. I haven't read but one of them (divergent..Which is awesome) either, but they all look awesome.

  3. I think my favourites in the bunch are Girl of Nightmares and Until I Die. They are just awesome. Insurgent I don't get at's a pretty cover. Just makes no sense!

  4. lan-m I'm trying to remember if there's a significance to it. I think there is, but i can't remember what it is

  5. The significance is that the Tree is the symbol of the faction Amity. Just like the flame is the symbol of Dauntless.

  6. They're all so colorful and pretty! YA book covers really have come such a long way from when I was a teen.


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