Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stephanie Meyers: I'm thankful for your books

Beth Revis, author of Across the Universe and sequel A Million Suns, is having a 'Show Gratitude for Books Giveaway"

Dear Twilight
This is probably going to sound very, VERY generic, but it's very true. Even if everyone (well maybe not everyone) uses you as an example I can not deny that I owe your creator, Stephanie Meyer and you a big heaping handful of thankfulness. (I know that probably didn't make sense just go along with it. I'm tired.) Without you there wouldn't be movies (and without the movies I wouldn't have found you) which leads me right back to why I, Ashley, of Bookaholics Anonymous am thankful for the you the Twilight Series. After watching the first movie, I pretty much went out and bought you  right after (okay, maybe a few days after), and I devoured you (Yes, I did). I wanted more. It didn't have to be more of your world, but I wanted to have that feeling of being able to escape into another persons world (even if it was similar to ours) I wanted more Vampires, werewolves, anything that was similar. I'll admit before you I read the Harry Potter Series, and while I loved and devoured them as well, it didn't leave me with that spark. That spark that went off after reading you. The next few books I bought post-you  were Vampire Academy (and if you know me then you know it is my number one love right, and I wouldn't have it if it weren't for you, Twilight), House of Night books, which I grew fond of (because I didn't realize all the other awesome books out), The Evernight Series, The Blue Blood Series, and The Wolves of Mercy Falls, and because those were my firsts I try and remain loyal to them just as I will to you, Twilight.

In my closing statement this is all I have to say in your defense:
I don't care how many people look at me funny when I say you really don't suck.
I don't care how many people continually say how horrible your insides are.
I will continue to support you.
Twilight you will always be my reason for starting to read and my love for the written words.
I am thankful for you!



  1. I'm thankful for Twilight for the reasons you said as well. Or maybe I should correct that and say that I'm thankful to Twilight for sparking the interest to read for a lot of people. Can't say whether or not I liked the books themselves. The writing was fine. But Bella of Bella.

  2. Yeah, I agree I enjoyed the writing. There were parts that were eh, but at the time I read them I didn't realize that there could be better. If that makes sense. If I didn't have so many other books sitting on my shelves I would probably re-read them.

  3. Yeah I completely understand what you mean when you say at the time you read then you didn't know there was other stuff out there. Films really do help spread the hype don't they? I can't wait until the VA film comes out.

  4. I LOVE YOU! Thanks for posting this!!!

  5. Lan- I know you will hear me scream across all the land and water.

  6. I said the same thing..about Twilight...but it was true for me too :)

    What I'm grateful for.


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