Thursday, November 10, 2011

Book Shelf Tour: Swimming in a sea of books

Of course I'm not actually swimming in a sea of books that would be quite difficult and maybe a little uncomfortable, unless of course they're those soft children cloth books. You know the ones I'm talking about? My grandma use to have a few at her house when we were growing up. You could throw them at each other and not get hurt, but I would never do such a thing.

I felt like it was time to do a little book remodel. I had all my books stacked on my black bookcase to where you couldn't see what was behind so I decided to "remodel them" put them on my desk and tv stand. Give them space to breathe. It's probably not fun being all bunched together.

Enjoy watching me walk my way through the shelves, and you can totally ignore my odd noises I make while I'm narrating. It's a nervous habit I guess.


  1. I love seeing how people keep their book! Thanks for sharing! (Very jealous of Raw Blue and Shattered Souls!)

  2. Finally someone does a bookshelf tour! Haven't seen as many as I used to... Awesome collection you've got there! :)

  3. Candace- Me too! That's why I try and do one ever couple of months.

    BL- Oh, I love book shelf tours. I do them sporadically just to see how much it grows.


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