Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Discussion: When do you buy books?

This is just a random off the wall topic because today (actually all week) I've been so stressed at work, and tired of everything that's going on there. I won't get into that though because this is a book blog not my personal one. I've literally just started crying at work because I'm just stressed and frustrated, and so finally today after work I'm like I have to treat myself to something. Can you guess what that something was? Well if you can't from the title of the post I bought books. Which I haven't really gone all book crazy lately because I'm trying to save money for my new apartment, but I needed to relieve stress. I spent a good 90 dollars on books, but I got some awesome ones.
So here's my question when do ya'll feel the need to buy books? Is it sporadic? Do you get stressed and think I need to by something like me and buy books? 

Above is the picture of the books I bought to today with the exception of Fracture which my apt office has had for over a month or two and I need it for the blog tour (stupid office) I'll have them on an upcoming IMM because I have some other stuff to show. :) I'm a little mad because I found bloodrose and I have yet to buy wolfsbane.
. I'm just curious. You know how some people buy shoes, purses, or whatever else books is my thing. (Not to mention the past day or two I've picked up a bad habit that I'm not proud of because I've told people all my life even my BF that I would never do it because I hate the smell and everything, but yeah it sucks.)


  1. Sorry to hear you're so stressed out. I think using books as a stress reliever is better than using clothes or food! If it's costing you too much money maybe you could only buy one or two books and go to the library and get the rest there. Or buy ebooks because they are cheaper lol. I usually only buy books when I have a giftcard or if there is a specific book I love. However, now that I've been blogging for a few months I've noticed I've been buying books more than usual. Hope everything gets better for you at work!

    -Melissa @Harley Bear Book Blog

  2. You know stuff happens and sometimes there's nothing you can do about but let it pass. You know I agree I think books is a better stress reliever. That's my problem though if I got to a used books store and they have brand new books out for way cheaper then amazon or B and N I'm like I have to get them before someone else does. I've bought quite a few ebooks too. Shoot ever since I started blogging back a year or so ago I'm horrible with buying books I know the names of all the news ones out or aren't out yet that I want. it's definitely an addiction I'm trying to learn to control.

  3. I understand that. When I was in college I would go buy something to treat myself after big somethings.

    Now, I buy books like some women buy shoes or clothes. I can easily justify spending the money on books, while its harder for me to spend it on practical things, like a mattress, clothes, shoes, or even movie tickets. I need to relearn some restraint, so I can get through ones I own so I can pack away or get rid of ones I don't love, and put others on a shelf.

  4. I buy probably one or two books every couple of weeks. It's my thing. My honey doesn't understand it. He likes his video games, I like my books. It's always so nice after a stressful day to just sit back and wander into a new world where you problems don't matter for the moment. :) Hope your day gets better. being stressed sucks.


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