Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kindle Deals (Part 2) Awesomeness

I always see blogs that have a page that show deals for the kindle, and I occasionally find one or two books on there that I would want. I'm more of a YA girl, and seeing as how most my followers are (I'm assuming here) I decided to make a list of the YA books I found that are $3.99 and less for the kindle. There are plenty more Ya books that are on amazon, but these caught my attention because either I have them, I've read them, or I'm dying to read them. :) Just click on the title and it takes you to their amazon page in a new window.
I'm not sure how long these deals will be here so get them while they're available.

$3.99 and above

So I read wake which is pretty good, but I have yet to read the final two books. I might use these for a challenge next year.



Okay, I haven't read any Melissa Marr books. -gasp- I know right? I do have the entire Wicked Lovely series though. Plus, these two books look totally awesome, and Carnival of Souls just came out a few months back and for now its 2 dollars.



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