Friday, May 23, 2014

Signing Recap: Dangerous Creatures in Texas

My second signing in just a few weeks. I kept contemplating whether or not to go to this one, but in the end the #booknerdigan in me came out and I had to go. I really need to get some blogger/reader friends that would go with me because I know my poor mom has no clue what's going on. Although, at this signing my mom enjoyed the band they had playing as the signing part to place. Apparently the band was hot. She kept taking pictures of them with her 90's phone.
The Irving Public Library again did a fantastic job with the set up. I actually loved the decorations at this one more than the Dark Days, but it could be because red and black are my favorite colors. They had it decked out in black and red hearts, balloons, streamers, and when you walked in an awesome black tree on the wall made of tissue paper I think with red hearts as the leaves. It was awesome. I totally should have taking a picture of it, but like I said I'm horrible at picture taking at events. They had red velvet (Yummy), chocolate, and vanilla small cupcakes and pink punch. Then of course baggies of candy.  They also of course had a few little knick knacks like buttons, posters, and a strands of pink hair for everyone. I didn't get enough buttons to give out when I do giveaways, but I got a few posters like the one in the picture to the right.

Finally we were all seated and it began with Kami and Margaret walking down the aisle. Let me tell they have got some energy in them. Then the librarian started with questions, and again guys I'm horrible with remembering questions and their answers. So here's a bit of what I could remember. Before the questioning began Kami knocked something over on the ground and Margaret responded with "Everyone Tweet that Kami just broke the Irving Public Library.

  • Kami hates the tv show Glee with a passion. lol 
  • Kami is superstitious and will not stay in a room with the number 13 in it. She told us she had a hotel room down here in TX once that was 1213 I believe and she told Margaret she would stay in it, but 5 minutes later went to the desk clerk and asked for another room that didn't have the number 13, and he proceeded to ask her are there any other numbers I should be aware of to which she answered 666.
  • Beautiful Creatures was written as a dare from 7 teenagers: 5 girls and 2 boys
  • All the weird people in the Beautiful Creatures are based loosely on their family like the 3 aunts.
  • Kami likes to kill people off in the books
  • Margaret wanted to lay in a grave to get a perspective from there.
  • Pretty much every book makes Margaret cry.

    I really enjoyed listening to them, and it's funny because the whole time I was thinking how much they sound like my best friend and I when we were working on writing a story together. My friend so much like Margaret Stohl in that she would always write the sad scenes, and stuff and me I liked being the one to write about death and killing like Kami. We would always trade off chapters, and she would pretty much edit the hell out of mine. It's nice to see that it can work and it gives me hope and inspiration. Thank you ladies for giving me something to remember. :)

Here I am with Margaret Stohl on the left and Kami Garcia on the right.
Then the signed books below. I love how they used their titles as part of their signing. :)

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