Sunday, September 28, 2014

Write On: ACA project

I'm horrible when it comes to sitting down, and just writing. I have ideas, but my problem is putting those ideas into action. I can get as far as the outline for the story, and then everything else just comes to a stand still, I draw a blank. It sucks because I know if I can get pass this maybe it will become easier. These are stories I really believe in, and I want more than anything to finish them. Heck I'd even be happy if I could get half way.

Here is a little bit of what I started
It’s funny how when I was little I wanted to be anyone, but who I was, and now….well…… I wish I could just be me…night and day.

For someone who grew up an only child I find it difficult to share. I mean come on this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Only children are notorious for being brats right? So the moment I lost my parents to a “drunk driver”, and I got thrust into the system I lost that only child status. I mean technically I was alone, and an only, but I had brothers and sisters in each home I was put into. I tried not to get attached, I tried to be neutral, I tried to be distant, and I tried a whole lot of other things that pissed off my fosters, and in the end it’s those qualities among others that molded me into this person I am today.

I’m Fia, short for well...we will get to that a bit later. Just know that everything has a reason in my life. Sometimes it’s not always straightforward because that’d just be too damn easy. Believe me when I say my life was anything but easy.  At age 5, I had lost my dad  to what the police were calling a drunk driver. Three years later I lost my mom to what the police called a home invasion gone wrong. How does a home invasion go wrong? Someone is invading your home! That in itself is wrong. It went from bad to worse when the intruders realized they weren't alone, and my mother tried to fight. Before stepping out to fight for our home mom told me two things. Two things that before now never made sense to me. Looking at me with those eyes that knew her time was up she whispered, "Fia if you remember anything that I tell you let it be these two things. 1. No one is really who they say they are, everyone lives other lives and 2. When you sleep you live." 

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