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Novella Review: The Girl Who Read the Stars by Skylar Dorset

AUTHOR: Skylar Dorset
SERIES/STANDALONE: An Otherworld Novella
SOURCE: Free from amazon

"So maybe you’ve finished reading THE GIRL WHO NEVER WAS and you’re angry about the cliffhanger and you’re anxiously awaiting THE BOY WITH THE HIDDEN NAME (in December! which will be here before you know it! I promise!).

Note: This didn't really have an outline on goodreads. 

Quick Thought (or not)
Even though this says Novella 1.5 I went ahead and read it before I read the first book which is The Girl Who Never Was. I didn't really feel like I had to read that one in order to understand what was going on. It did however take almost to the end of this novella to find out what secrets were being hid, and I'm not sure had I read the first book I would of known or not. 

I wasn't overly impressed with Merrow, but I enjoyed her enough to want to know what happened. After being locked in her bed room from her Mother, and getting out only to come back and find the house destroyed she embarks on a mystery (that's what I'll call it) to find out what happened, and where her mothers are, and more than anything find out who she is.

In her little "mystery journey" she had the help from Trow the boy she made friends with at school. I enjoyed Trow. We learn later what secrets he has hidden, and I kind of like him after the fact. The responsibility he has for someone his age is tremendous, but he doesn't let it get him down.

The beginning of the story we learn that Merrow actually has Two Mothers. One she calls Mom who is her real mom and then one she calls Mother who is Mom's partner. I love this because it's something different and fresh, and both of them are in her life.

As everything unfolds and Merrow and Trow learn who they both are I'm like okay..awesome, and then it ends. 

I'm hoping that The Boy with the Hidden Name will somehow pick up from that.

And I will leave you with this!

"You Tell Me Merrow. What do the stars say?"
"I don't care." and I kiss him.
"And what does that say?"
"That sometimes we make the stars read exactly what we want them to," I answer.
"Rewrite the story," Trow says.

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