Sunday, February 22, 2015

Book Blogger: Love-A-Thon: High Fives

Hosted by Alexa at Alexa Love Books
I kind of thought this gif was called for.
High Fives
All you have to do is pick out your answers for these five categories currently, and share them in this post!

All time- Definitely Vampire Academy (See I told ya'll at the beginning I have a thing for VA)
In the Moment- I'm reading The Murder Complex right now, and I'm enjoying it.

Young Adult and some New Adult
(Dystopian, Realistic, Paranormal)

Richelle Mead- She's sweet and I love her books
Nikki Kelly- I met her at a signing last year, and she was delightful, and her accent was adorable.

I feel super horrible about this because I don't have a favorite blogger, but I do have a few sites that I get in my emails, and I love looking through their sites even if I don't comment a bunch.

Bookish merchandise? 
Oh goodness I can't even think of any bookish merchandise right now.

Couldn't help myself. Love me some Sammy!


I love comments! Leave me one, and I will comment back either on here or on yours! So check back!

Happy Reading and Blogging, Ashley

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