Sunday, February 22, 2015

Book Blogger: Love-A-Thon: Picture this!

Hosted by Alexa at Alexa Love Books
Picture this!
We've got another new challenge in the mix this year, and it's all about photography! All you have to do is share snapshots of your books. You can do a book shelfie, artistically arrange your novels or even just pile'em up to snap a shot!
These are just a few pictures

Hey, Hey. This is my only bookshelf I have in
the room because I live with my husbands parents.
All my other books are in storage.-sniffs-

I love how you can do this with the book
Fact: I have this picture saved as my computer icon. lol

Hehe. too bad I didn't have the purple hat. That would have been awesome.


  1. Great pictures! I know exactly what it's like having to have your books in storage.

  2. I always like it when people make those face-with-book-type of pictures: D


  3. Love the snapshots! Hopefully you can get your books out of storage soon :)

  4. Love your pics! My books were in storage one time, and I was beyond happy when I finally saw them again! Hope you're reunited very soon! :)

  5. Aww, your photos are so adorable! And I feel you on not having all my books around - most of my collection is back in the Philippines (which is where I grew up). I love the second photo most of all!

  6. Great photos! I really like the second one. It's really cool looking.☺

  7. Awesome shots! Part of me makes me think whether or not book cover artists intentionally make those half-face covers just so readers can take selfies like that haha.

  8. I love how you can line up books, too. So much fun! And, hey, my first Jessica Brody book!!!

  9. Ahaha those pictures are so cute!! I feel your pain about books in storage - I actually just had to get rid of most of mine since my apartment is just too small for all my books (I'm currently storing a bunch inside suitcases haha!)

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