Saturday, February 28, 2015

Keeping you posted: A monthly giveaway in the works and more

  1. I've been thinking about how I can give back to my readers, and I realized I usually do one of the Kindle Deals monthly. I figure that I can do a small giveaway a month with the Kindle Deals post. I'll be making a post later with more detail 
  2. Reverse Thursday- Is a meme I want to try and do here every Thursday where we highlight older books we want or want to read. It's sort of like a WOW in reverse. I'm not sure if there is something out in the bookish community like this, but yea? or no? I'll make a post about it Monday and then maybe actually give it a go on Thursday.
  3. I have one review I need to get posted for Uninvited by Sophie Jordan
  4. I'm almost through reading The Young Elites and I'm enjoying.
  5. I'm not even half way through with The Murder Complex and wow I love it. It's pretty bloody already but good.
  6. I've started a Wordpress Site: A Kindle by Any Other Name and it's dedicated to my kindles and the books on there and the sites used for E-readers like Edelweiss and Netgalley. It's a way for me to keep up with those books because so many times I forget.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing what you think of The Young Elites! As for reverse Thursday, I definitely agree. I am someone who has only started blogging this year and seeing as there are a lot of old books I want to read as well, it would be nice to know someone is reading them along with me! I still put old books up on my blog when I have the time to as well xD


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