Thursday, March 26, 2015

Follow Friday: BEA

Have you ever been to BEA? If not, what's stopping you? If you have, what was your best experience there? - Suggested by The Paperback Princess

Sadly, I haven't been to BEA. I think about going every year, but then I realize I don't have the money or anyone who I think would enjoy it. Plus, I'd get a little nervous going to New York. I keep thinking one of these years I'll say forget it and go because I have time I can take off (I never use vacation time it always is thrown in at the end of the year.) Not to mention it's close to my birthday which is April 4th, and I could totally use that as an excuse. Everyone always asks what I want for my birthday. What would be really awesome is if I could go next year since I'll be turning 30. That would make for an awesome 30. -note to self tells husband that's what I want for my 30th-

What about you?


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  2. I've never been either! And until now I wan't quite sure what the BEA was but now I definitely want to go! I'd add it to my long neverending bucket list but I don't have one. Lol! Though, I'm thinking about writing one.

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  3. I also had to look up BEA. Sounds awesome but also a bit intimidating for an introvert who doesn't like crowds. Found you via Parajunkee's FF, and followed. Happy Friday!

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  5. I haven't been to BEA either. I always use my birthday for things I usually don't get, so go for it! LOL! :)
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  6. Sadly, I also have never attended BEA. I am hoping to go this year, but it's on three school days, plus it's expensive. Maybe some time, though! I really want to go to the Bloggers' Conference and signings.

    Claire @ Cover to Cover

  7. A birthday is a perfect excuse to go! You definitely should! I haven't been but I live in Maryland...close enough that I COULD but not close enough to make it easy. Haha! Maybe I'll go someday.

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