Saturday, March 7, 2015

Reverse Thursday: Intro Main

 Reverse Thursday is a feature/MeMe that I think I came up with. I haven't seen anything like it around. If there is I'm sorry just let me know, and I can give credit where due. :)

What is Reverse Thursday you ask?
Well I started thinking that we give so much love to those books that we are waiting on that aren't released yet that maybe we forget those that have been out for awhile. I know I'm totally horrible about this.That's why so many older books go unread by me. So to fix that problem Reverse Thursday was born. It's kind of like a TBT (Throwback Thursday for books)

Why is it called Reverse Thursday?
I picked this name just because it sounded like it would fit with my thought, and Thursday is one day I really don't have any other memes and it's after Wed which for the book blogging community we know it to be Waiting on Wed (WOW) which features books that haven't been published. To me it was only fitting to make the next day the opposite day.

Here are a few little guidelines
These are not 100% necessary, but it's something to guide you. :)
  • Pick a past book you've been meaning to read and were excited about when it first came out
  • Pick a book that's at least 2-3 years old if not older (Ex: Since it's 2015 pick a book 2013 and older)
  • If you comment on the persons post let them know if you've read it or not, and if you reviewed it leave a link. If you haven't read it do you want to also? This is really about commenting more and mingling with fellow book lovers. Branching out on comments. I know I'm guilty of not leaving a meaningful comment, and I want to get better. :)
  • When picking a book: you can explain why you wanted to read it to begin with, why you waited to read it. Talk about the cover, or whatever. lol. Make it fun.
  • Reverse Thursday is all about showing our love for those older books that have been sitting on the back burner.

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  1. My blog is pretty much meme free, so I won't be joining this, but I like the sound of it an awful lot! Good idea here, Ashley :)

  2. Awesome meme, Ashley! This is perfect. I, for one, am guilty of being sidetracked by new releases I forget those books that I already have. My TBR keeps piling up and it's hard to keep track! I know a lot of my books are sitting on my shelves and ereader unread, and this is a great way to feature them. I'm gonna do this. Will you have a linky for this meme? :)

    Julie @ Books and Insomnia

    1. Yes, Julie I'll be putting a linky on it. Hopefully, it will go well. :)


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