Sunday, April 19, 2015

Keeping you posted: The week my tire was flat!

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Is it me or does anyone else have extremely bad luck with car tires? I'm serious I'm like a magnet for flat tires. So Thursday I go to work, and while I'm driving I somewhat think to myself "the car is not driving right" when I get to work I check my tires (because I know my luck), and low and behold my tire was low. I was thinking okay I get off at a decent hour so I can go air it up at the gas station and go home and see what the hubby says. So much for thinking everything would round itself out. When I got out of work to go do this I found out the tire was nowhere near drivable. I'm serious I could drive it even over next door basically to air it up. (I showed a co-worker and they told me I was stupid if I tried.) Then we asked my Manager to check it out, and he said I shouldn't either so luckily where I work we have this stuff called Fix-a-flat and my boss I guess got me it, and used it where I could at least take it to a tire place and have it checked out. This whole time I'm trying to call my lovely hubby who doesn't answer. (I love him to death, but at this point I was a but frustrated with him.) When I finally got around to going to the tire place (Pep Boys they were really sweet.) I ended having them plug it (or something) and check it twice to make sure it wasn't going to need anything more. (Finally after an hour and a half the hubby calls. Nice timing and everything..grrr) They said that the tire had a shard of glass in it......A SHARD OF GLASS. Who gets a shard of glass stuck in the tire? I was waiting for them to say a nail or screw. I'm just like really FML! That was my Thursday.

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  1. Heh, wow that sucks! Reading stuff like that makes me glad I don't have a car, even if it would be convenient sometimes! Hopefully you've reached your quota for car problems for a while :)

  2. You are not alone! I have serious bad luck with tires also but wow a shard of glass!?!? For me it's always been a nail or some sharp tiny object unseen to the eye that I drove over.

    1. Yeah, I know I told my hubby what it was, and he said only I would get something like that stuck in my tire.


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