Sunday, May 3, 2015

Keeping you posted: Declined!

"Keeping you posted" is my weekly round-up from Monday-Sunday. Things I've posted on the blog the past week, and things that have gone on in my life.

Real Life Happenings
You guys it's like a weekly thing with me for something to go wrong. No joke. So this past week I went to take a lunch break, and when I went to pay the said my card was declined. WHAT! I had just checked my account balance, and I knew I had plenty in there so I was a little worried. (Luckily I had cash to get me some food.) Anyways I realized I had a voicemail, and when I went to check it after I got off work it was from my bank telling me something about fraud having to do with my card. YEAH, at this point I was freakin out. When I went to call the bank, and see what the hell was going on they informed that my card (with others) had somehow been copied so they had to turn off the credit part of it, and I could only use the debit for up to 15 days while they were sending me another card. -hangs head- I'm being to think my cosmic balance is outta whack. I'm really hoping that this week goes by better.

What happened on the blog this past week?








  1. Oh man! That sucks. I haven't had my card compromised to that extent before but we were effected by one of those Target and Home Depot disasters a few months ago. It sucks! I hope you've got everything worked out soon and don't actually lose any money!

    Vicarious Caytastrophe

    1. I remember the target disaster. Yeah luckily I don't think anything was taken from account it's just a hassle because I have all my bookish accounts/subscription boxes (like amazon, owlcrate, uppercasebox, bookriot) linked to it. NOw I have to go and change everything. GRRR


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