Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bookish Pre-Order Deals

I will admit that I am the last person who ever pre-orders anything. I guess sometimes I just feel it's silly to do such a thing when you can get it when it comes out because by then maybe you have changed your mind about wanting it. Lately, though I've noticed that I'm becoming more active in pre-ordering because I found some awesome pushes towards doing so. I love getting a little bit extra. :)

I don't know if anyone else is like me, and loves the little extra things in life, but if you do here is where I'll be helping you out.

1. Ash and Bramble by Sara Prineas
 The authors local bookstore, Prairie Lights, is taking pre-orders of Ash & Bramble–and every pre-ordered book comes signed (by me) and personalized (to you or whoever you choose) and includes one of these fancy button-pins (designed by my friend Jenn at Tiger Bright Studios) (buttons are 1 1/2″)
AllThreePins (1)
Here’s how to pre-order!
Call 319-337-2681 and ask for the kids section
Orders can be mailed to you or (if you’re local) picked up in the store.
More info at the authors site Sarah Prineas
2. Daughter of Dusk by Livia Blackburne
Option 1: Preorder Daughter of Dusk from your retailer of choice. (Open Internationally)
Email proof of purchase to liviablackburne at gmail dot com by 8/3/15, and I will mail you the following:
  • A signed Daughter of Dusk bookmark
  • A signed, personalized bookplate.
Option 2:  Preorder Daughter of Dusk from my local independent bookstore Once Upon a Time (Open to US, Canada, and Great Britain.  Offer open through 8/3/15, but because Poison Dance takes time to print, you should order before **July 12th** to ensure that your copy is ready on time).
Purchase at the link here, and put your personalization instructions in the “order comments” box.  You will receive:
  • signed, personalized first edition hardcover of Daughter of Dusk, stamped with a custom stampmade especially for this launch.
  • A signed DAUGHTER OF DUSK bookmark
  • signed, personalized paperback of Poison Dance, the prequel novella with James’s backstory.  Note I’m *not* talking about the ebook. I’m talking about these beauties, a $10 dollar value, and you get one for free with a preorder.
The lovelies…
So, two ways to preorder, and two sets of goodies.  Want a closer look at the swag? 
Here is the design of the bookmark, made by the awesome Kristin Rae. People who participate in either offer will get this.
Here is the design for the bookplate that I’ll sign and personalize for people doing option 1.  (I’m assuming people who order from Once Upon a Time would prefer to have a book signed rather than a bookplate, but if you choose option 2 and would like a book plate as well, I’m happy to send one.  Just include the request along with your personalization instructions in “order comments.”)
If you order your book from Once Upon a Time, your signed first edition will be stamped with this custom stamp design. (Thanks to everyone who helped me choose a design!)  The ink will be purple to match the cover.
DUSK stamp 4926-2-1
For more info visit the authors site here Livia Blackburne
3. Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman

If you preorder Vengeance Road by July 31st, I’ll send you a swag pack including:

» 1 Vengeance Road bookmark
» 1 signed Vengeance Road bookplate
» 2 Vengeance Road stickers (selection made at random, image may vary)
Here’s a peek at the front and back of the bookmark, the various stickers designs, and the (unsigned) bookplate:
VENGEANCE ROAD preorder swag pack
PLEASE NOTEI have different quantities of bookmarks, stickers, and bookplates, and they will only be available while supplies last. This means the sooner you preorder and fill out the form, the better chance you have of getting all three! (I’ll probably run out of bookplates and stickers long before I run out of bookmarks.)
Once the contest closes, I’ll randomly draw runner-up and grand-prize winners!
For more information visit the authors site Erin Bowman
4. Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas
Send your proof of preorder of QUEEN OF SHADOWS to by August 31 to receive a set of six Throne of Glass series buttons/badges! (This is the only way to get all 6!!)10421554_728339900608548_3839207172666856689_n
For more info visit World of Sarah J. Maas
5. Dreamstrider by Lindsay Smith
The DREAMSTRIDER preorder swag has arrived!
Dreamstrider launches on Tuesday, October 6th, but if you preorder your copy now, I’d love to send you some promotional swag. Anyone who sends me proof of purchase + their mailing address (int’l welcome!) will receive the swag pack:
  • Signed Dreamstrider bookplate
  • Dreamstrider magnet
  • Signed bookmarks
and will also be entered into the GRAND PRIZE drawing for a $50 gift card to the bookstore (online or physical) of their choice!
Please send all proofs of purchase to lindsay at lindsaysmith dot net. Please indicate to whom (if anyone) the bookplate should be signed. Physical copies and ebooks both are eligible.
For more info visit Lindsay's Tumblr

6.  Ever After by Rachel Lacey
 If you pre-order your copy, I’ll send you goodies to say thank you!
For more in for visit her site
EA preorder giveaway copy

7. Banished by Kimberely Little Griffths
EVERYBODY WHO Orders or Pre-orders copies of the books receives a set of gorgeous BOOK CLUB CARDS and an autographed book plate! 
More info go to her Tumblr

These are the things I have gotten by pre-ordering books!

When Rogue was on pre-order the publisher was sending out this poster, a necklace in the shape of a dragons egg (3 different colors), and a card to match the dragon egg.

When Becoming Jinn was on pre-order the author was sending out a necklace, a signed book mark, and a note.


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