Saturday, July 4, 2015

Movie Review: The Duff

I had hopes that I would enjoy the movie a lot more than the book because it seems to work that way for me. If I disliked the book for some reason, and the movie is made I end up loving the movie (The fault in our stars, the hunger games) The Duff was no exception to this rule

I actually enjoyed the movie. It was a lot more comical then I remember the book being which was a good thing because it needed something that the book didn't have.

There were somethings that were WAY different then the book. I'm assuming they changed some stuff up because it was a bit much.

What was different
-If I'm not mistaken Bianca lived with her dad in a small apartment, and her dad was a drunk.
-Bianca and Wes had an agreement that was more physical then anything.

My Book review for The Duff


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