Saturday, December 19, 2015

I'll be back next year with a bang

I'm not saying I'm going completely away, but I won't be posting any reviews the rest the year. I feel like I've been kinda of slacking in that department so I figure the rest of this month which isn't long I will try and catch up on my reading and some of my back reviews that I have sitting in draft mode here. Then I will start posting those next year. 

Question: When do you write your review?
I think my problem with writing reviews is I don't do it right after I've read the book, and as time goes on I just forget stuff that happened, and I want my reviews to sound somewhat decent. Sometimes my motivation to write that review isn't there either because I'm not sure people even read them.

(Plus I'm a little ehhh because I had 1,000 some what followers and it went down to 980. That seems like a big jump. I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still here, and I will be writing soon. I know it shouldn't matter.)


  1. I just started following you :) so I look forward to you coming back with a bang.
    I try to write my reviews right after I read the book. I try to take a few notes as I read my books as I really think my mind is going (ha). Lately though, I notice that I am so excited to read the next book that I find myself having to write two or more book reviews at one time and I hate that. I feel that I spend a lot of time on my reviews as I want them to reflect how I really feel. Whether anyone reads them, with almost 1,00o viewers....someone is reading them ;)
    Have a wonderful holiday and I hope you have a super 2016!


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