Saturday, February 20, 2016

LoveAThon: Merry Meet Me

1. What’s your name?

2. Where in the world are you blogging from?

3. How did you get into blogging in the first place?
About 5 years ago I was browsing the web and came across The Story Sirens blog and then goodreads. After that the rest just fell into place.

4. How did you come up with your blog name?
I had another blog for about 20 days and it was okay. However it just wasn't catchy enough for my taste. One day I remember talking to my Sis-in-law, and she mentioned how I should join a group for bookaholics. Then it hit me AA. There should be a group of people sitting around talking about their book addictions. I was in love <3. 
5. What genre do you read and review the most on your blog? 

6. What other types of posts do you do on your blog, apart from reviews?
I'm a mess of a person so I don't always post regular things. I've tried things out and they seem to flop, but some of them are like most: Top Ten Tuesday, WOWs, and then I had a few of my own features like Are you a bookaholic, Reverse Thursday, Books I'd quit support group for, Questions? Answered! If you look at my list under bookish then those are others I do.

7. Best blogging experience so far?
I would have to say getting to go to Author signings. I know that's not blogging er say, but I would not have known about the signings if not for blogging.

8. Favorite thing about the blogging community?

9. Name the 5 books you’re most excited for this 2016!
The Rose and the Dagger by Renee Ahdieh
Sisters of Salt and Iron by Kady Cross
Meltdown by Kirsten Simmons
The Peculiar Night of the Blue Heart by Lauren DeStefano
Truthwitch by Susan Dennard (I already have, but I need to get reading)
10. Name the 5 books you want to read this 2016 that you didn’t get to in 
previous years!
An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir
Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
The Rose Society by Marie Lu
Allegiant by Veronica Roth
Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

11. What’s an underrated book or series that you think everyone should read?
I'm not really sure I can think of one.

12. Which book boy or girl would be your book BFF?
Rose from Vampire Academy

13. Which book boy or girl would be your book boyfriend/girlfriend?
Dimitri from Vampire Academy (Are we sensing a theme?)

14. Who would you recruit for your apocalypse squad (5 characters max)

15. Apart from reading, what are your other hobbies or interests?
When I can find inspiration I love painting glasses.

16. Apart from book shopping, what else do you like shopping for?
Honestly I'm not big on shopping. I'll go into walmart to look around but that's about it. I love amazon shopping though. :)

17. At a party, the DJ suddenly changes the song – and it’s your song. What song 
would be playing?
Right now I really like I got the boy by Jana Kramer

18. Pick out either a book you want turned into a film/TV show, or a film/TV 
show you want turned into a book. 
Landry Park/Jubliee Manor would make an interesting movie. It has the futuristic feel to it, but you also have the elegance of ball gowns, parties, and richness.

19. What would your dream library look like?

20. Author you want to meet and sit down to tea with?
J.K she not everyone's answer?


  1. The Story Siren was actually the first book blog I ever discovered as well! Also, I love Jana Kramer. Love is my current favorite tune from her, but this one is lovely :) I think it's so cool that you paint glasses - they look great. Thanks for joining us, and happy love-a-thon!

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