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Mini Book Review: Posioned Apples by Christine Hepperman

AUTHOR: Christine Hepperman
PUBLISHED: April 23, 2014
PUBLISHER: Green Willow Books
PAGES: 107
SOURCE: Bought
Once upon a time...
you were a princess,
or an orphan.
A wicked witch,
fairy godmother,
prom queen,
team captain,
Big Bad Wolf,
Little Bo Peep.
But you are more than just a hero or
a villain, cursed or charmed. You are
everything in between.
You are everything.

In fifty poems Christine Heppermann places fairy tales side by side with the modern teenage girl. Powerful and provocative, deadly funny and deadly serious, this collection is one to read, to share, to treasure, and to come back to again and again.



 I've read this twice you guys and let me explain why.

I read it twice simply because I forgot what it was about, or better yet what the poems were about. This alone should tell you that it wasn't for me. 

These are 100% my opinions and if you don't like it. I don't care. There are plenty of other people who loved this book. I am but just one reader.

If it weren't for the interesting pictures this would of sucked. 

I know it's harsh, but I can't understand what everyone sees in this book. 

The sad thing is I rarely read stories that I dislike.

Am I just WAYYYYYYY over thinking the poems? 

I felt like they would hurt someone instead of having this powerful message that others said the poems seemed to have.

I don't see the powerful message in these poems. (I honestly wouldn't even call them poems.) 

There's one poem called Red-handed that seems to me like it's negative.

I get that they're suppose to be these darker, grittier poems that are re-tellings, but REALLY?

The upside is that it was short, and I didn't waste to much time reading.


  1. Interesting cover. I probably would have put it down after the first few pages. Thanks for an honest review.

    1. I know I love the covers and pictures, but I felt like they were shaming women, and hurting more then need be.


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