Saturday, January 28, 2017

Discussion: Bookplates...Do you stick them in the books?

While I was rearranging my books and bookish things I got the past couple of weeks I noticed I have  bookplates that are just stuffed inside the books or stuffed in boxes. This got me thinking what do other book lovers do with their bookplates?

If you don't know what bookplates are: they are small printed labels that adhere to books usually inside the front cover, and let you know who the books owner is. Then there are the ones that the authors sign.

These are ones that people place in their books that say
something to this extent, but these are not the bookplates I'm talking about (I do however have some like these, and probably wouldn't stick them in my books. I'm picky about things like that.)  

I'm referring to the second type the author signed ones. Probably like most book bloggers or readers I love having my books signed by the authors, but sometimes I can't go to signings to get them signed. I know you can buy signed books from places that have signings, or sometimes bookstores get a certain number of signed books shipped to them, but signing bookplates is sometimes simpler. I think Empty Mirror Books says it best. 

I get quite a few bookplates signed by authors from book boxes (like lit cube and owlcrate) I'm signed up with.
Below are two that I got recently

As you can tell I haven't put them in the books. When it comes to my books I'm pretty particular about what I do to them. I know it probably wouldn't hurt the books because it's the authors signature, but if I want the signature of the author I'd rather it be directly on the pages. 

What do you all do with these type bookplates? Do you stick them in the books? How do you feel about sticking them in the books? Are you like me and just have them stuffed in the books not attached? If neither what do you do with your loose author signed bookplates?

I really do want to know. I need a better way to place or store them than just stuffed inside the book where they might get lost, ruined, or something else.


  1. I do something you probably all hate. I fold the book page. I know, I know! I'm a monster!
    Rebecca @ The Portsmouth Review
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  2. I also stuff them in the book or put them away with all my other swag...I really don't know *why* I don't stick them in the books. I would rather have the signature directly on the page, like you. But bookplates are nice. I keep all my other book swag in an storage ottoman.

    Thanks for linking up with Saturday Situation!

    1. That's what I need an ottoman. I have like 3 or four containers of swag.


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