Monday, June 17, 2019

.:Harry Potter:. & .:Nightmare Before Christmas:. Merchandise (1)

I've become very fangirlish with my Harry Potter stuff so I have been getting a bunch of things and decided to make it a regular video.

Just in case you're not wanting to watch the video here's what I got. 
(I'm saying my reactions are fun.)

Harry Potter Marauders Map Umbrella
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone book
Harry Potter Legos: Lee Jordan
Harry Potter Legos: Voldemort
Mystery Figurine: Chupacabra and Niffler
Lil Wand: Remus Lupin
Lil Wand: Sirius Black
Lil Wand: Hermione

Nightmare Before Christmas
Jack Skellington Pez
Under the Moonlight Funko Pops
Keychain: Barrel
Keychain: Zero
Keychain: Sally


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