Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Harry Potter and Nightmare before Christmas Merchandise Haul (3)

I've become very fangirlish with my Harry Potter stuff so I have been getting a bunch of things and decided to make it a regular video.

Just in case you're not wanting to watch the video here's what I got. 
(I'm saying my reactions are fun.)

Chupacabra Funko Pop
Matagot  Funko Pop

HP Tumbler
HP Mug
HP Stemless Cup

Golden Snitch Enamel Pin

HP and the order of the phoenix book

Remus lupin lil wand (2)

Thestral figure (2)

Nightmare before christmas poster
Nightmare before christmas blanket
NBC Stemless cup
Sally and Jack Teardrop Glass
NBC Keychain
NBC Keychain (jack)

Harley Quinn Mug

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