Sunday, October 27, 2019

Geek Gear || October 2019 Unboxing

What you get in your Box

We always make sure our boxes are packed full of awesome licensed and exclusive merchandise! Filled with awesome products from Harry PotterTM and Fantastic BeastsTM which will bring the magical world right to your doorstep!
You are always promised the following:
1 x Awesome T-Shirt
1 x Exclusive Print
4+ Other Amazing Products!
With a promised value of over £50+ per box!

All goodies

Unique Wands Exclusive- Draco

Basilisk Blood- Wild Cherries

Licensed Amortentia Mini Mug

Exclusive Tea Tin

Licensed and exclusive goblet of fire print

Exclusive Basilisk T-shirt

Licensed and Exclusive Lucius Malfoy Poster

Licensed Amortentia Mini Mug


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