Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Beacon Book Box || March 2020

All the goodies

Signed copy of All your twisted secrets by Diana Urban

A court of thorn and roses enamel mug (collectible 1 of 4) by Dianadworak
Game of thrones house martell ornament designed by @littlebearries

One of us is lying "Bayview Four" candle from Novelly Yours

The Lunar Chronicles Inspired chapstick  designed by @littlebearries 

Promotional Print for Jamie Foley's Ember Hawk

Stalking jack the ripper inspired recipe with artwork from @dianadworak
Photo challenge
The Selection inspired woodmark designed by @sjwonderlandz


Thursday, March 19, 2020

Geek Gear Wizardry March 2020 Unboxing

All the goodies

Exclusive Unforgivable  Curses T-shirt

Exclusive Draught of living death potion
Sirius Black Community  Artist artwork 
brought to you by Tony blake facebook @antblakeart

Exclusive replica of hermiones mirror

Lisensed and Exclusive Polyjuice potion mini mug

Exclusive Hogwarts castle defense statue

Spoiler Sheet

Exclusive monthly collectible charm- golden snitch


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