Friday, November 12, 2010

Books, books, and more

OMG! Okay so I ordered like 12 books from two book clubs like a month or 2 ago, and never got them. Well guess what I finally received them today. I'm thinking my apartment people had them in the office and just nver told me they were sitting in there. I had no idea and the only reason I found out was because i had an amazon package from UPS that they had to, and the UPS guy left a note at my apt. Anyways enough ranting I'm just thrilled to have actually gotten them. So I got 14 books all together today. I'll post which ones on Sundays In my mailbox. That is going to be one big freakin' mailbox post I'll tell you  because I also bought some at HPB. Just thought I'd share that little bit of info with all you booklovers.

FYI: If I don't responded or post like I have been it's because my damn internet is acting up so just letting you know I didn't go anywhere.


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