Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Can I ever have a good day? (random rant)

I have to get this out somewhere, and I figured what better place then here. Besides, my "personal blog" that is. This is my rant for the week. That is unless my week keeps going this wonderful way *note sarcasm* Minor cussing just FYI.

I'm telling you I'm not having a very good week right now. Let's just start off by saying that Monday I had to work right...well two people call in one that was suppose to work in the morning with me and then one that was suppose to work at night. I'm sorry but I come to work feeling shitty almost all the time. Sides killing me, congested, feeling like I'm going barf. Do I ever call in? No because I know how much of a hassle it is for my co-workers. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying come to work deathly ill, but when you make it a habit to do it. It gets a little old. I'm also sure that unless your husband is dying (he's wasn't by the way) that calling in for that reason is stupid. So let's just say that in itself really pissed me off especially on a Monday in a Pharmacy. So be it that I was already in a bad mood why would someone (our pharmacist) sit there and tell the two of us that showed up that we weren't going fast enough, that we weren't doing it that right way, and that he'd rather have his other tech that can "do everything" here. Let me see what's wrong with this picture. One: the tech his refering to isn't as good as he thinks she is she leaves things just like the rest of us do. (I'm not tryin to be mean) Two: I DO NOT like being compared to other people or co-workers at all. I'm sorry I do things my way. The way that works best for me not anyone else. I must say it's worked for me for the past 5 years I've done it. Not to mention not a single one of us is alike. We all have our good/bad qualities about us when it comes to how we work. GET THE HELL OVER IT!  Three: DO NOT in any way think after you've treated me like crap for the past 8 hours that I'm going to stick around and help you because you need it. You're damn lucky one of us stayed an extra hour and helped after your comments. So yeah you're right I won't "take one for the team" if after everything I did manage to do gets put down. Can I remind you that we had things caught up just fine. So Whatever! Maybe I should've stayed and helped, but I was to much in a pissy mood to try and be nice to the workers who didn't piss me off and to the people (our lovely customers..no sarcasm there I promise) and I think I showed.
Then today one of the same people that called in yesterday and was suppose to come in this morning again with me wasn't there when I showed up at 9. Our other pharmacist (god bless her) worked for an hour by herself. The girl called in because she felt bad today had a headache...a headache.. I work with freakin' headaches all the time like yesterday! I'm thinking maybe just maybe I need to call in and be "sick". I must I give props to the afternoon girl that called in yesterday. She came and helped today. I know I'm being a little bitchy right now. I'm just tired of it. *shrugs*

So these have been my two days of pure and total "Happiness".
Any comments, ideas, suggestions, weapons I could use? :) *just kidding*

I'm sitting here typing all this right, and I look over to my right side and see all my books sitting there waiting to be read. I really need to read. I'm about done with Paranormalcy I'll probably finish it tonight and put up my review, but I don't know what take-a-long-book to read next. I'm thinking maybe I should finish like two that I have 100 or so more pages to read. They're kind of just sitting patiently. I keep wanting to read them and I get interested in another book. So here's where I stand with books I've started but kind of stopped: Vanished by Tess Gerritsen (I've been on this book for quite some time now. It's a detective like book) I have like 100 pages or so left. Then there's wicked by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie. I have like 150 pages more of that one. (It's a witchy book) Then Hunger Games book 1. I have like 250 pages more. (I couldn't get into it), and Generation Dead I'm on page 10. :) Oh also the darkest evening of the year but I don't have that book with me it's at home on th ebookshelf..So I think before I start another book I need to finish these. Humm where to start. I'm thinking maybe tomorrow would be a good day to stay home and read. So as to not buy any more books (I'm going to try so hard. I don't have gas in my car so it might be easy). I know it's bad when my sister in law came over (with my brother and the kids of course) and said I need to stop buying books and read what I have. :) She said "maybe you should finish reading all the books you have, and until you do that don't buy anymore. Well except for Last Sacrifice in December" because we all know I'm getting that the day it comes out. Also I have to get my Night Star that came out today.

Now that I have totally bored you with my complete and total randomness beyond anything for today. I shall try and finish my book. Then wander around blogville here or maybe watch one of the two movies I rented Marmaduke or The last air bender.

Peace ya'll


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Happy Reading and Blogging, Ashley

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