Friday, November 12, 2010

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Book Blog Hop
"If you find a book that looks interesting but is part of a series, do you always start with the first title?"
I would like to say that I do, but on a few occasions I've kinda gone out of order. Maybe just once I did and it was on Always a witch. I read that first which wasn't too bad. It actually made me buy the first one online because I liked the second one sometimes it works. Most the time though i'll start with the first book. I have a few series that I have random books for that I'm not going to read until I can get the other books because it kills me to read a book and then not have the second book to find out what happens. Although in some cases I still read the series. LOL so was that confusing for you like it was for me. Hummm.
 I commented alot over at Attack of the books. I found that their reviews are alot different from others I read. I enjoy reading them to see their perspective on books that everyone else raves about. :)

Follow Friday-
What is your usual monthly book budget?
This is a hard question for me to answer because I just spend whatever on books. I know I shouldn't because I have other adult bills I need to pay, but they call to me whenever I go to HPB and walmart and target. Now I'm hooked on Amazon too. Then I also have to book clubs I'm in Science Fiction Club and Rhapsody. Yeah like I said I spend alot usually though if I had to put a number on it maybe 50 dollars. Oh wait that's a week for me. Wow I do spend alot.

So let me know what you think? Comment on me and I promise I'll comment back. I might take awhile cause my interent is being nutty the past 2 days. :)


  1. I'm here on the Follow Friday Tour. Nightshade is haunting me. It wants me to read it. I just might have to pretty soon. Liked your review.

    If you get the chance, come visit my blog:

    Happy Friday!

  2. Hi there! I am a new follower from the hop. I must read books in order! Come and visit me at

  3. Hey there Ash! :)

    Thanks for the props in the post! Holla!

    So, you've seen my funky reading style. Ha! Something about my OCD I suppose. Can't miss a any little detail in a book - or even think I have, or I'll be going back and checking the pages again. Craziness! Oh well! It's a true love for reading I suppose. (and I AM building a library!) haha.

    Thanks again for coming by! We enjoy your visits and comments! I hope you enjoy Paranormalcy!

  4. Hi,
    I'm stopping by to say hello. I always have to start at book 1 its a sickness. I hope you have a great weekend!

    Happy Reading!
    Romance Book Junkies

  5. Hello Ashley, I am not Blog Hopping officially this week. I enjoyed going through your review listing and see you read a few Mary Higgins Clark books and a few YA that I fell in love with.

    I'm a new follower. Come over and visit when you have time. I look forward to your Mailbox post, sounds exciting.

  6. Hi
    Just hopping by.
    It made sense to me :)

    shelleyrae @

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by. Just hopping on over to give a little shout out! I'm an old follower. Happy hop!

  8. Hi Ashley and happy hopping!
    I just found your blog through Parajunkee´s FF!
    I´m a new follower now!
    Unfortunatly, I also don´t have a strict budget even though I guess I should... :(

    Have a great weekend!

    @ Reading on the Dark Side

  9. Old follower just stopping by to say hi.

  10. Hopping through. It's hard to remember what I did before the wonder of Amazon. It does make you buy too many books.

  11. Thanks for the shoutout Ashley! $50 a week is insane! I think I make that much at my semi-part time job! Hahaha. But hey, I think if I had more options for books around here I'd buy more too. And I love, love, love Amazon. I always have books in my cart waiting for the perfect moment to buy them.

    Have you tried It's free shipping and it's kind of slow, but it's for a good cause and the prices are good. They just had a deal where if you buy a couple of books they send you chocolate!

  12. Dropping in to say Hello from Follow Friday. I have to read a series in order. There have been times I read some out of order but I try not to. It makes more sense to read them in order.

    Have a great weekend

    Jennifer @ Book Noise

  13. Thanks to everyone hwo commented. :) I love it. Yeah Amazon is now on my places to go for books list

  14. Thanks so much for hopping by! cool blog! Have a great week! =D


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