Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Movie

I know this is book site, but seeing how technically this is also a book I'm putting it up here. :)
Well I'm one of the many crazy people probably who went to the Thursday midnight showing of the movie. (I honestly thought more peole would be dressed up but I only saw a few) My Sister in Law and me got to the theatre at 9 because I didn't get off til 830. Anyways by the time we got there they were letting people in so we didn't have to wait in line outside in the cold windy air. Apparently all the theatres were playing the movie too and they were all sold out. Who would've thought? So we sat there patiently waiting for 12 to come around. Ten minutes before it was time you heard everypne yelling "ten more minutes" then 5minutes came same thing "5 more minutes" It was great. As soon as it started everyone was yelling. Craziness I tell you!

Don't worry I'm not going to give anything away because well I'm not. I will say that alot of the stuff I had completely forgotten about. That's sad! I'm thinking maybe I need to go back and read the book before I see part 2 next year which I hate by the way. I don't want to have to wait for next June or July whenever it's coming out. :(  I thought that it would be a lot darker then it was. It actually had the theatre laughing alot. It has most the characters you love to hate, and then some. It basically is Harry, Ron , and Hermione traveling to find the Horocuxes (I think I spelled that wrong oh well) and wrapped in that there's some action, saddness, and romance.

I can already tell you I'll be seeing again because I told a friend of mine I'd go with her. There's some movies that are worth the price to see again.

Part 2 you must hurry and get here!!!!!!

So have you seen it yet? If so how many times do you plan on seeing it?

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