Monday, November 15, 2010

Live's Dream (My writing)

Ok this by all means is nowhere, and I mean nowhere near perfect. I'm not by any means a punctuationist (I suck at punctuation thingies) This is actually something that's been sitting in a notebook of mine (along with other writings that are like 1/10th of a way done) Since I don't have bookish things to write tonight that I know of besides my reviews I keep saying I'm gonna do. I figured WTH I might as well get some kind of use out of my 1/10th done story right?  With that being said I give to you the prologue like thing to a story "Live's Dream" in raw form.
I was to the point where I wanted to scream, make a run for it, get the hell away from whatever this dark- shadowed figure was forming right in front of me. The only problem was I couldn’t move I was more or less stuck in place. I mean, my whole body was telling me to go…leave… that whatever this thing was, well it wasn’t good. My mind and oddly enough my heart were telling me just the opposite. Even though this thing looked like hell rising it wasn’t here to scare me or do anything remotely dangerous to me. That was like me to think that it was harmless. I’m a complete dumbass, I know and I just stood there and watched.

Out of my peripheral vision I could see buildings. Okay, those definitely weren’t there a second ago. As the shadow started taking on a solid form the background behind it became clearer too. I tried to focus every ounce of my mind on what was behind. A big building, double doors, a sign above with writing. What did the writing say? Damn it to hell I can’t read it. My eyes just aren’t adjusting like they should, and instead of me focusing on the half materialized person in front I continue to stare at the doors. Why? I honestly can’t say. It’s just they’re so mesmerizing. It’s at that moment the thing leaps towards me, but to my surprise and horror I’m ripped away from it.

I open my eyes only to find I’m standing in a long aisle. I begin to follow the thick plushy red carpet to the front of the..well I’m not sure yet. As I approach the front of the building it appears to have an altar lit with candles, a grand organ, and a row of benches. My eyes travel upwards and land on the most beautiful, most vibrant, most colorful (I could probably use most a few more times, but I’ll spare you) stained glass window ever. Intertwined in it are two people who look vaguely familiar, but not so much. Hum does that even make sense?

Still in somewhat of a daze, I scan the area around me more closely now. Then I realize I’m in a church. Of all the places in the world. How did I end up in a church when I clearly was just… Well I don’t know where I was before this. My thoughts now jumping from one thing to another. I then look back up at the glass. I notice now how different the two people in it are. How if you look at it one way you see peace, calmness in the world. It’s light, and strong yet innocent and pure. Then if you look at it with a slightly different angle you see the destruction, the chaos among people, the darkness, the empty void, guilty pleasure, and of course sins. I stare amazed at how much this one window can say.

Finally I decide that I’m not going anywhere soon so I sit down in the first pew. I lean up against the stained hard wood backing, and push the interracially-woven red cushions with my hands. Comfy! I again glance around the church to take in more of it. The high-balanced roof that comes to a point above the glass. The way the roof itself seems to be painted like the heavens, blue skies with white cotton like clouds and every once in awhile I catch a glimpse of a rainbow shining between the clouds. Then there’s the chandeliers that blend in well making it look like the light is just floating in a vast of nothingness.

Why is that when we dream, everything always seems perfect? I mean this all…. it’s just a very vivid, complex dream as far as I’m concerned.

I start to close my eyes to see if maybe I can wake myself up, and that’s when I hear it. My name. Someone is saying my name.

A woman’s voice sweet and melodically it’s as if she’s almost singing it, but what frightens me the most about the voice is I know it. In the deepest part of my mind I’ve always known it.
Okay tell me what you think? It's alright to be honest like I said I know it sucks. :)

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