Monday, November 22, 2010

My day has been fun, but expensive!

Well I've had a fun day of being off. I have spent money today boy, but that's okay alot of it was for my secret santa on here ( I go over board sometimes). Hopefully what I got is good. Also I bought a few things for my mom for Christmas. I got her some I love lucy coasters, I love lucy shot glasses and some I love lucy postcards. Can you tell she loves I love Lucy stuff. It's funny to because that is what I have gotten her the past few years are different lucy things. Usually, I get her a Lucy doll from walmart but I don't know if they have one this year or not.

I did however get me some books from HPB. I got 4 of them and some bookmarks and some postcards that are adorable. Those will all be in my mailbox next week. I always do that go out the day after and buy more. Okay so I got back from the other HPB a few hours ago, and I spent 50 bucks there I got like ten different books. That's one thing about series once you have a few of them you got to have them all. Needless to say I found like 4 books in a series I started that has 12 books so I'm getting closer to completing it though I have 1,2,3,4,7,10,11. Then I got a book I already had in hardback but I got the paperback because their different. What am I going to do with myself? I didn't think I would do that, but I did. I'm getting a little OCD with books I think.  I almost did this with the Frostbite book in the VA Series too because they had a different but I didn't cuz they were sorta similar. Like I said all these lovely things will def be on IMM next week.

Are any of you like me and buy books you have but with different covers?


  1. I'm OCD with books as well, I can't help but buy them, there's so many good ones out there! And I especially love series because that means I'll keep getting more books in the future:)

  2. Hahaha. Hold up, Ash! You're starting to sound like me! :)

    Be careful. .. you'll end up like me with tons of books, waiting on the series to finish. Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to read when I have a ton of books!

  3. Jenny- I know right. I love being able to learn about everything over a course of a few books

    Lady- LOL. I'm telling you my book fetish is starting to evolve on it's own. I already have a ton of books, but it just keeps growing.


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