Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nothing new for now(Random Post)

I don't have anything new as of right now to put up. Sorry my darlings! I'm probably going to be totally random on this post just bare with me. Is that the right use of bare? I don't know. I've noticed when I type I always reverse my letters in words. I catch it most of the time, but sometimes I don't sorry about that.

Well I'm going to a book signing tomorrow (or today ) however you want to look at it. It's 30miles away according to my GPS, but it's all good this is the closest one to me so far. I'm dragging my mom along with me because I don't want to drive by myself and no one else would go with me. I don't have many reader friends. It's going to be at the Barnes and Nobles n Southlake (Texas).   It's Rachel Caine the author of the Morganville Vampire Series. Ok I haven't read the series yet, but I did buy book 3 and 4 today. I totally broke my not buying any books this week thing I had going. It was bound to happen. I'm gonna take that with me and try and get it signed. I'll proably end up by the first 2 also. I kind of need those two before I can start my others (that one was all walmart had).

Yeah I ended up getting another book along with it. *sighs*

Oh, I'm half way through Nightshade and so loving it. I think I'm a Shay fan as of right now, but that could change when I finish the book which I probably will in the next few days. Also I'm half way through If I Stay. I have a feeling I might be crying during it. I think after those two I'm going to try and re-start The Hunger games, and Willow try to keep myself balanced with fantasy and non-fantasy.

A little time for random pictures:
This is my weiner, Toby! He's been through alot this past October. I had to taken him to the vet because he was having seizures. (He never had them before) Now he has to take medicine. :( So far everything seems good I haven't seen him have one. That's nt to say that he hasn't though.

My baby again. I love him so much he is a pain in the butt. Totally worth it though I wouldn't trade him for anything.

This is my current living arrangement. A futon at my moms house because my electricity is still off. Hey, at least I got my books.

Vampire Academy wallpaper like thing on my google account. I thought it only fitting since it was bookish related. :)

Again my wallpaper on my laptop all quotes from Vampire Academy. I told you I'm definitely obessessed with it.

I warned you that this post is total randomness. I like to give you all a little in depth look at my goings-on. I think it shows another side of who I am. Not just a reader, reviewer, or blogger just Ashley. I should probably go and write some reviews for all the books I have read that don't have reviews.

Leave me a line and tell me what's on your mind just as long as your nice. :) No, but seriously just say hi. I love hi's and hello's and all that good stuff.


  1. I've just started Nightshade but I think I am going to be more of a Ren fan! Happy reading :)

  2. Have fun at the signing! The Hunger Games is an excellent series!


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