Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Random Rambling

Yeah I just thought I'd introduce my lovely weiner to you. I woke him up, poor Toby was all comfy on my "Bed". So if you ever see any posts about my baby or Toby that'd be him. He looked real happy huh? I would have shown my cat Hermione, but poor baby is home by herself. I couldn't bring all my animals over here.

So I just finished Misguided Angel by Melissa De La Cruz and I'm going to have to say I wasn't to happy with it. I liked all her other books in the series before.  This one just didn't keep my attention, but I had to finish it because my sister in law wanted to borrow it. I'm apparently her library now. :) She just finished the VA Series and gave those back to me. I also gave her my copy of Nightworld the 1st one and City of Bones to let her read after MA because she'll have that done in no time. I haven't even read City of Bones so she'll be ahead of me on that. So ummm yeah my review for MA will bup probably later tonight when I get off or the next day. More than likely later tonight. I finally get to read Paranormalcy I'm stoked man. I hope it doesn't disappoint. I like the first 3 pages so far. :) I don't know what book after that to read. Hunger Games again...maybe? Or perhaps Hush,Hush? I don't know. I'm very indecisive. Okay, it's almost 4 am and I have to be at work at 12 perhaps I should go to bed, but my side is hurting. Damn Kidney stones! I'll probably be adding a few more reviews of past books read this week too. Also I think I'm going to put my book list on here somewhere that way it helps keep track. That's going to be my little project. It's going to be fun putting 5 or 6 pages worth of books in order. :) Really though I'm going to head off to dreamland now. Watch me some Popstar (Aaron Carter stars in it just FYI) It's corney but cute at the same time. Really though adios!!!!!

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  1. Hey Ashley, how's Paranormalcy going for you? You like it, right?


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