Sunday, November 7, 2010

Reviews are coming (random)

I know I don't have many reviews up yet, and I promise I am working on that. I just seem to be really bad with putting words together. I know stupid for someone who has a blog and all huh? So even though my reviews maybe a little bouncy with what I'm trying to say just know that...that's the way I write.

In other news, my whole not buying books...not working. I actually went to HPB to get some of their 3 dollars movies because I like watchin those as I fall asleep at night and I'm tired of all of them that I have. Well we know how well that works when I go in there.  Oh I got some movies to watch three actually well two the other was tv show season. I got Popstar (has Aaron Carter), Zoom, and Gilmore Girls season 7 (it was 3 dollars. Is that not awesome? It has all the dvds and in fine condition). This is not the point of this rant though. The point is I winded up with 5 books. *sighs* I had more in my hands, but I had to say no at some point. Those will be shown on in my mailbox next week. I also got 3 books I ordered from Amazon. I'm super excited about those too. I'm so overwhelmed with books, and I wanna read them all now. I don't know which one to start after I finish Nightshade. I think I have a pretty good idea though because I love books about paranormal/academy settings.

I did start I Heart You, You Haunt Me.

I did finish If I Stay tonight so that review should be up soon.

I'm like 3/4 finished with Nightshade and I have to say I loved the twist in it.
*SPOILER* Shay becoming a werewolf awesome. It makes me like him even more. I'm just hoping he stays like that.. To see the spoiler just highlight it with your mouse. I thought this was a cool way to do spoilers. I saw someone else did it this way on their site (sorry I can't remember who)

That's really about it for now.
Happy reading and blogging :0)

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