Friday, December 24, 2010

A few poems (my writing)

My review brain is on hiatus right now do to stress, and what not (see earlier post to know) At least, I think that's what I'm going to call it. I just can't get into review mode. *sigh* Sorry! SO (I love my so word) with that being said here are a few poems I wrote back in '00 according to the dates. That kind of some me up right now. Oh, FYI I tend to rhyme my stuff, and it's kind of corny. *shrugs*

I go through life.
I go through life
thinking you're not there
I go through life
thinking you don't care
I go through life
thinking it's not fair
this pain I can no longer bear
Yeah my life is great it's true
then why do I always feel blue
I'm now scared of what I see
this can't possibly be the real me
As I've said, everyday's the same
there will never be anyone to blame
Days go by as iff they were years
every minute I try an keep back each tear. 6-17-2000

Death wish
Which way should I go?
I just don't know
Everyday I cry inside
I can no longer deny
Everyday I just cry
No longer do I want to live a lie
Death seems like an easy way out
There is no doubt
Yes, it's forever why would I care
This pain inside I can't seem to bear
I've tried so hard to be strong
bu no longer do I can I go on
My life is worthless, it's plain to see
I'm a failure, a mistake, a screwup, that's me 7-1-00

She's So Unusual
She's so unusual
she no longer
the same
everythings different
she has herself
to blame
she's just
not herself
in her
own world
she lives
sad and alone
she has
nothing to give
her days
have darkened
her nights
have grown cold
there's no one around
there's no one to hold
she keeps
to herself
it's better
that way
no one to bother her
that's all she'll say -2005

We never use to fight
everything between us
was always alright
I miss the times
we use to share
the way you were
always there...
What happened
to those times
I wish I could
just press rewind
I don't want
to lose you as a friend
I don't want
this friendship to end -3-31-07

Tragic I know, Trainwreck definitely! I actually have a spiral full of stuff like this, and one day maybe I'll put them up on my other blog.


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