Sunday, December 12, 2010

Half Price Books (rant)

As you can tell from the post name I did find my way back to HPB. I went to one yesterday, and then the other one today. I originally intended on going to get some stuff for my friend  for x-mas like some tv seasons and other movies, but I completely forgot what she said she wanted. *oops* Anyways since I was there I thought why not look at my YA section. I must say the one today had some awesome books. I got 5 of them today, some which finish off some of my series I was tryin to get, and another which is the start to a series I keep seeing everywhere, and figured it was time to get. The last one is on my Contempt Challenges list for next year. I'm excited about that. Now I have 3 books from the list to read. What's weird is this book just came out December 1st and I wasn't expecting to see it at a half price books store yet. It's all good though.

I love going in there everytime I do I always end up talking to people about some books this time some lady was looking for Torment I think. They had fallen in PB, but not torment. Then we talked a few minutes about those and the Hush,hush series.

I've talked about doing a giveaway when I got to 100 followers , and I definitely will. I'm going to wait for the holiday season to be over because I still have alot of stuff I need to get done, and stuff I need to get for my family. So with that being said if I can get to 200 before January I might be nice enough to add another winner. :) That will happen in January I PROMISE!

So upcoming and behind stuff I've done on here: Humm let me think.
Behind stuff: I've written a few reviews Last Sacrifice (which =Uh-mazing) TTYL (cute little book) In a heartbeat (sad but sweet)
Reading: The forest of hands and teeth, Cut, and I'll probably start on Nightstar.
Signing: Richelle Mead is having a signing in Allen,Texas on Tuesday. I'm so going so look for that coming up!

This has nothing to do with books or what not, but I was thinking about getting a tattoo with my sister in law next week when she gets one. I'm not exactly sure what I want though. I want something small because it'll be the first time to get one, Hum?


  1. Tattoo, wow that's pretty cool. What will you get, you think?

  2. Looking forward to hearing what you think about The Forest of Hands and Teeth when you are done! Happy reading!


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