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Last Sacrifice Review

AUTHOR: Richelle Mead
PUBLISHER: Razor bill
PAGES: 594
SERIES/STAND ALONE: Series (Vampire Academy 1, Frostbite 2, Shadow Kiss 3, Blood Promise 4, Spirit Bound 5) Sadly this is the last book

OUTLINE: I can't really post an outline of this book without really giving away the other books, and what's happened in them. So if you really want to know go over to goodreads. (That's where I get most of them)

STARTED: 12-7-10
FINISHED: 12-9-10

MY THOUGHTS: OMFG! I mean really what else is there to say! I read this almost 600 page book in 3 nights. (Sometimes it'll take me a week or so to read a 250 pg book. That has to tell you something right there.) From the moment I started reading this I fell in love all over again with the series and it's characters. Rose, Dimitri, Lissa, Christian, and Adrian. Even Abe, and Sidney I got to love again. I can't really say alot without giving to much away. Which is VERY, VERY hard for me because I want to tell my favorite parts of the book. I want you to be able to be just as excited about this as I am. Really I do. That is not going to happen though because alot of people have yet to read the series or this final book. To that I have to say why the hell have you not started the series yet? Huh? Why? I know the first book is a little slow but it's the set up for what is to come and to better the other books.

Oh, and the new characters that were added The keepers group. Loved too. They may not have had a big big part but what they had was good. A little more history in the VA world.

I was SO excited for the way it turned out. I mean I was literally dreading having to see what Richelle would do to the characters, but everything worked out for the best, and to that I'm grateful. I know for some it may not have been what they wanted, but for me I loved it. Are you getting tired of hearing that? SO with that being said if you want to know what I liked about the book. You can email me, IM me, FB me whatever and I would love to have someone to talk to about it. I think I might put some of my favorite scenes here but hide them, and if you want to read them then that is up to you completely.


So first things first. Favorite scenes would have to be 

-When Dimitri and Rose were at the Library flipping through the "100 best places to visit" book. I was like AWWWW. I wanted them to be together right then. It was a sweet moment between them.
-The moment in the alleyway when Dimitri had gone all crazy, and then Rose stopped him. He finally opened up to Rose and let her in. As stated from Rose "So small, yet so monumental...and very private." I adored this scene. You rarely got to see this side of Dimitri. Although you did see it alot more after. :)
- The quarrel between Marcella Badica and some commoners with the chairs. Hilarious. I wanted to slap Marcella.

I was sitting there reading thinking okay it was definitely Daniella who Killed the queen because let's face it that's what they all thought too. I was totally on board with that. I didn't want it to actually be who it was. I was kind of sad for her because well let's face it. She was alikable character and nice to Rose and all of them. I was thinking to myself why on earth would she frame Rose. *sadness*

Lissa and the test she had to go through for the whole queen thing what a nice added touch too. I mean I figured she would pass and all cause she had too. She had to be queen. It was nice to see she actually did make it though, and she'll get to go to college and be with christian, and Rose as her guardian. I'm so happy!

Rose oh rose she got her happily ever after (even though Adrian was an ass about it, and completely was ruining her moment) This was the best part seeing her being able to be with Dimitri was just right. It felt right. :)

So that is all for now.


- Right. He's depressed, but you're the picture of happiness and joy (Abe)
- Sometimes talking to you is like talking to myself..pretty damn annoying. (Rose)
-You guys are shopping? Getting a little girl time? (Christian to Lissa and Adrian)
Hey, you'd benefit from a wardrobe change. Besides I bet you'd look great in a halter top.(Adrian)
-The stupider, the better (Adrian)
-I'm suppose to be the general here, Now I'm barely a lieutenant. (Rose)
-Did you hotwire this car? Steal the car? (Rose)
You have an interesting set of morals. Breaking out of jail is okay, but still a car and you sound totally out-raged. (Dimitri)

MORE QUOTES TO COME. I just have to re-find them in the book and write them down!


Sorry I tend to squint when I take pictures.My book and me=love. :)

See this is the kind of OCD things I have with reading books. I always take notes. Whether it be quote/passages I like or what I'm thinking.

Yes, more notes of mine. The second one was from when I was reading at work. Got to love my Medicine notepads.

My book without the cover in all its amazing-ness.

The front. Yes, you should be very jealous of my book. Even though it's pretty much the same as everyone elses.

Vampire Academy IS NOT twilight!
Okay, seeing as how this is the last book. I was surfing google to find some stuff to add to this review because it's technically the last one for the series. (even though I haven't put up Blood Promise and Shadow Kiss yet..My bad!). I found this page (here) I think it pretty much sums up what I think to about the comparison. To be quite honest you can't really compare them. (I'll admit I LOVE Va way better) but the truth is they are different. I really like both series. They both had things in them that I loved to pieces. (VA just had more stuff) Yeah now I'm just kind of rambling on. Another thing if it weren't for the twilight books I probably wouldn't have found these books by myself. (I know it's awful)

That is all for now!


  1. hey I'm like that too! i have notes of VA esp the best quotes. I love Rose!!

    i already have the draft book review for this. im re-reading the book tonight so i will post my review by Monday. soooo great! I'd like to talk to you about the book!!

    happy friday!

  2. That'd be awesome. I'm always up for talking to someone about it. I usually talk to my sis inlaw about these but I have to let her borrow mine first so she can read it.

    You can find me on FB or Yahoo messenger


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