Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More book reviews

You'll be proud of me I did 2 book reviews as videos, but stupid you tube won't let me upload them for some reason. Once I get that figured out I'll put them up along with other stuff on it as well and not just a video. I was in a video mood today. I did Shiver (YA wolves) and Most likely to die (Horror/Mystery).

Oh I also did an apartment tour video. LOL Yep, my lovely apt just to show that I'm me, and a little weird. All my little collections I have. My TBR books, cds, DVDs, beagle collection, tigers, pictures galore. Then I went on a little rampant through the apt. Along the way you meet my Hermione a few times. I have no clue why she kept meowing at me.

Now if I could get the stupid things to work we'd be in good shape. Then you can see Blogger behind the blog!

I ordered Matched by Allie C and Fate and Flutter by Amanda Hocking (I have the first book My blood approves up and reviewed already) Now I'm just waiting for them.

I'm chilling at my friends house right now. I got a little tired at my moms. I'll be here a few days maybe just 2 I don't know. I'll try again tomorrow and see if you tube will stop being a butthead to me. :)

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