Monday, December 6, 2010

Me in a nutshell (rant)

I figured I was at home for a bit why not make a video. I love being able to show people who I am so this is me, well okay actually it's just my apartment that doesn't have electricity if you didn't already know that. I probably said it 3 or 4 times. :) My cat was really being whiney that day.
I was going through the newspaper right. I like to clip the coupons what can I say? I noticed though that when you look through the walmart and target ads it shows all the cd,dvds, games and what nots that come out that week. You know what I didn't see? What books come out! What is this world coming too?
Well it's 4am time for me to get to sleep.


  1. Funny post - nice to get to know you a bit better :-)

  2. aww Toby was so cute! I have 3 doggies (my kids) and they are spoiled rotten. Your apartment looks about like my mobile home filled with books and movies! lol Thanks for sharing!


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